Cloud Protection for the Dental Practice

In life, change is always around the corner; there is no escaping it. The dental field is no exception to the rule. All areas of dentistry have undergone dramatic changes, eliminating many practices that had been used for over 100 years. These changes go far beyond surgical procedures, they have to do with business administrative strategies, marketing, innovative equipment, staff development, communication, etc.

In short, cloud companies provide protection, storage, and back-up files of all company information through an offsite server. It’s impossible to stand in a corporate environment without hearing about ‘The Cloud’. That’s because cloud networks have become an essential cornerstone to the safety and security of company information. In a world that depends on technology, the cloud has become a valuable asset for ensuring safety and protection in the event of a disaster. Dental practices should be just as cautious.

Fortunately, Citrix developed the Citrix ShareFile Cloud for Health care. The virtual private cloud protects health information. It allows dentists and mangers to easily send, share, and protect patient files.  Practitioners can now organize, save, and share patient files with other practitioners, insurance companies, and patients. In the last year, ShareFile usage in the healthcare market has grown 137%. This is a testament to the direction of company security for the future.

The future of security is in Cloud Computing Solutions. It’s better to protect yourself now rather than face disastrous consequences in the future.


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