High Speed Handpieces: High Cost Quality or Low Cost Quality?

The high speed handpiece is the most important tool in a dentists’ arsenal. It allows surgical procedures to occur in an efficient manner, removing dental caries and creating preparations for filling material. The high speed hand piece performs the majority of daily work for a dentists. The average high speed handpiece generates about 350,000 revolutions per minute. With the daily grind of cutting tooth and bone, a dentist needs to rely heavily on the performance of the high speed handpiece. That’s why it’s a delicate decision for dentists to choose a handpiece that fills multiple requirements including heat generation, water ports, air pressure, power consumption and the sound pitch it generates.

So how do you know which is the best handpiece for you and your practice? Do different branches of dentistry require different handpieces? Does quality and price matter? All dental handpiece manufacturers, whether American, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, German or Pakistani promise to deliver reliable quality. Typically, German, Brazilian and American handpieces are more expensive while Asian manufactured handpieces are less expensive. So, normally, German and American manufactured high speed handpieces are seen as the best quality available. That allows dentists to narrow their preferred choice among the more reliable manufacturers. Among this selection is a wide price range for handpieces. Do the cheaper ones differ from the more expensive ones? If so, which one is right for you?

Higher Priced, High Quality, High Speed Handpieces:

The highest quality handpieces are extremely reliable. Dental manufacturers from the United States and Germany leave nothing to chance. What you get is what you paid for. Generally, these handpieces work at about 400,000 to 450,000 rpms. That’s speed! High end handpieces can cost up to 2,000 dollars per unit. Cutting procedures are performed in a smoother manner and turbine replacement isn’t as common as in less expensive handpieces. But turbines are more expensive to replace. A high end high speed handpiece may run around $170 dollars and replacements should occur 2-3 times a year. That’s around a $300 maintenance fee cost.

Lower Priced High, High Quality, High Speed Handpieces:

Lower priced, high quality handpieces are often manufactured in the Unites States. Some Japanese handpieces offer the same type of quality and reliability as well. A lower priced, high quality high seed handpiece. Such handpieces are made of stainless steel, generate about 350,000 to 400,000 revolutions per minute, and cost from $150 to $600 dollars per unit. The investment in high quality, lower cost handpieces is often preferred by many dentists because they are capable of dishing out hard work, enduring preparation after preparation at a low maintenance cost. Turbine replacement is more common, but the turbines cost between $50-$75 dollars. Maintenance cost for the year can cost around $200 dollars.

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