Marketing Strategies for the Dental Practice

The opportunity to market your dental practice has never been bigger. In a world that has been overtaken by the power of social media, dentists can reach out to local markets without the high price of billboard, radio, or television ads. Media advertising can produce great results, but it takes a long term commitment and an expensive budget to see those results. A high marketing budget may be difficult to accumulate after all dental instruments, high speed hanpieces, dental materials, dental equipment, and everything else has been purchased. By making a small investment of time and money, dentists can reach out to thousands of potential clients and increase yearly revenues. Below are some modern strategies to help market your dental practice:

1. Social Media Strategies

Social Media marketing for the dental practice starts with a company website. It’s a quick and simple tool to help announce company information such as services, specials, and contact info. But, just like everything else in business, a website needs time and effort to grow. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a social media manager who will optimize the website by placing it on multiple search engines and local business listings that receive high traffic on a daily basis.

2. Direct Mail Strategies

Direct mail is the best way to reach your neighbors and put a recognizable face to your practice. The process isn’t difficult. It all starts with getting a mailing list with the address and names of the people who live within the community. Once this has been obtained, hire someone to create a flyer with company contact information and a couple of announcements that highlight special offers or core competence; the core competence is the service that makes your dental practice unique. There are multiple websites where freelancers create flyers for less than six dollars. After the flyer is made, you can go to your central post office to purchase a business mail stamp that reduces mailing costs by nearly half the standard price. The post office will help you print labels and organize the shipment of flyers. Repeat this process at least once a month for three months, that’s how long it should take for you to see you client base start to grow.

3. Community Service

Dentistry isn’t all about money. It’s about having a commitment to help your local community with quality dental care. By participating in community service events or dental missions, you not only help others, but you help build trust within the community. Your label becomes a trusted trademark that people want. Efforts like this can help take away the fear and stigma that many people have of dentists. Your selfless efforts can become the biggest key to growing your dental practice.

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