Sports Dentistry Conference Offers Trauma Training – Sports Dentistry for Today’s Athletes June 23-25

Dentists and dental professionals will have an opportunity to participate in a sports dentistry conference in Baltimore this June at the 34th Annual Symposium:  Sports Dentistry for Today’s Athletes.  The conference is scheduled June 23-25.  Although the focus of the conference will be on sports injuries that might require emergency care, it is not only sports injuries that can require treatment of traumatic dental injuries.

Any kind of accident can result in chipped teeth or another kind of dental injury requiring endodontic treatment.  There is no single treatment or solution for those who have been injured, nor is there one particular kind of incident that causes the injury.  Sometimes a person’s head will whip forward and hit the steering wheel, or hit handlebars on a bicycle, or even tripping and falling causing a traumatic injury to a tooth, or multiple teeth and requiring emergency care.  Another common cause for painful injuries to teeth is smokeless tobacco which can and often does cause dental pain and needs specialized treatment.

In many locations, there is a shortage of dentists who have received professional development on traumatic tooth treatment once they graduate from dental school.  More professionals need to be trained in endodontisttreatments because accidents and cracked teeth can happen anywhere; not just on the playing field or the court. It is also important that more people understand the latest techniques in endodontist treatments.  Many dental professionals find it advantageous, not only for their own practice but also, of course, for their patients to receive as much training in treating traumatic tooth injuries. Often the alternative is to go to the emergency room where endodontist specialists are rarely on call.

The symposium in June will be an opportunity for dentists, athletic trainers, dental students and others to learn more about dental trauma and how to best treat patients.  Whether these professionals want to focus on sports injuries or not, they are encouraged to attend this opportunity to learn more about how to treat tooth injuries, as well as how to diagnose and treat mouth and face pain caused by dental issues.

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