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A Study on the Relationship between Titanium Corrosion and Peri-Implantitis

The sign of gum infection after implant surgery is terrifying for dental surgeons. The most common diagnoses in that situation is Peri-implantitis. The earliest signs of the disease include swelling of the gums, color change of the tissue surrounding the implant, gum bleeding, and gum sensitivity. If left untreated, more severe symptoms develop such as […]

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New Research on Increasing Bone Density for Dental Implant Sites

Osseo-integration continues to be the primary challenge that implantologists encounter. There are multiple factors that can lead to failed osseo-integration between the implant and surrounding bone; such factors include low bone density in the site of implantation, incorrect positioning, tissue damage or overloading. In the case of low bone density, the sinus lift and bone […]

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