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Locating the Source of Halitosis

More than one third of all the people in the world suffer from halitosis. It’s a common problem that dental professionals encounter with patients, and until now, there hasn’t been a universally accepted protocol for identifying the source of the problem. Common causes that have been explained to patients include poor oral hygiene, lack of […]

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Asthmatic Patients and Oral Disease

Is there a direct link between people who suffer from asthma and certain types of oral disease? Are people with asthma more susceptible to these oral diseases than people who don’t have asthma? Up until recent, there hasn’t been sufficient evidence to demonstrate the effects of asthma on oral health. That’s why scientists at Shiraz […]

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How to Implement Intra Oral Cameras into Your Practice

image via theepochtimes As the years progress, so does the involvement of dental technology into the field of dentistry. The newer generation of dentists are being trained in dental school to rely on technology because of the time saving and esthetic benefits. So this article may only pertain to a wiser demographic. The process of […]

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