The Advantage of USA-Made Dental Instruments and High Speed Handpieces

The global economy not only creates competition between private businesses, but it also makes it difficult for consumers to know which products to buy. Every country offers some type of core competency, whether its quality, manufacturing techniques, price, or innovations. The dental industry is no different. As the international business market grows, dental professionals are being presented with a multitude of dental instruments made from different precious metals for allurement. It leaves some dental professionals wondering which country produces the most reliable dental products.
Supply chain business practices have made it nearly impossible to know the origin of a product. Business managers seek cheap labor and commodity costs in order to increase revenues. Although similar practices remain in the health industry, doctors and dentists ought to be more careful when choosing instruments and high speed handpieces that are used on human beings. They should know where the majority of manufacturing takes place and where the commodities used to make the products come from.

The best choice for dentists, worldwide, are stainless steel dental instruments that are made in the United States and are FDA approved. This includes all surgical equipment, dental materials, and high/low speed handpieces. The advantage of USA dental products is that the manufacturer or distributor assumes liability for the product’s performance. In short, the products come with a warranty. As far as costs, USA dental instruments and high speed handpieces aren’t as expensive as European instruments, and aren’t as cheap as Pakastani, Chinese, or Japanese dental instruments.

Other than German dental products, most dental instruments made outside of the United States do not come with a warranty, aren’t made with stainless steel, do not contain the necessary force-tension required for safety during surgeries, and often oxidize unexpectedly.
The most important factor when deciding which dental instruments to purchase for your practice is the safety and satisfaction of the patient, not costs. Is it worth saving a few dollars if the patients’ well-being is at risk? The answer for all dentists should be, no. The satisfaction of every patient will eventually help to pay off the investment of purchasing moderately priced dental instruments and high speed handpieces. Customer retention through a flawless surgery will ensure that the patient returns to the same dentist for future dental care.

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