The Importance of Chair-side Turbine Replacement

Cavity preparations can be stressful. There is a lot of pressure for a dentist to deliver proper treatment without causing pain or damage to the patient. In order for this process to flow smoothly, a dentist must have all the necessary dental instruments within arms’ reach. There must also be replacement parts available in the operatory for high speed handpieces in case a technical malfunction occurs.

The turbine is the center piece of the high speed handpiece. It’s the rotary part that endures the impact of multiple surgeries, day after day. But, like everything else, turbines come with an expiration date. The comfort of a high speed handpiece body can last for years, but the turbines need to be replaced at some point. This can occur unexpectedly during the middle of a delicate operation.

M&B Dental high speed handpieces all offer chair-side turbine replacement. Within a minute the dentist can remove the bur, unscrew the previous turbine, slide in a new one, and screw it back. There is no need for costly repairs. The high speed handpiece will endure countless hours of work as long as it’s properly lubricated and cleaned. The turbine won’t have to be replaced for a long time. Once it no longer functions, a simple chair-side replacement will ensure that there are no costly disruptions. The dentist can continue working on the patient without the discomfort of using an emergency replacement high speed handpiece.

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